About Pernille Vinderskov

The company Vinderskov  has existed since 2002.
Pernille has a background in the design industry since she graduated from the Danish Design School as Industrial Designer in 2001.
Pernille has worked with product design since she graduated, and on the sideline she designs and creates beautiful jewelries.
Since 2009, she took the step into designing and creating jewelry professionally full time.
During Pernilles educational time at the Danish Design School, she took several jewelry courses.
The big interest for creating jewelry also made her take a year off from her studies, where she attended several courses to improve her goldsmith skills.
Pernille offers sale of jewelry from her personal jewelry-collection and also from her custom-made jewelry.
She specializes in unique jewelries made in cooperation with the individual customer and wedding rings are one of her explicit specialties.
All jewelry is made of pure gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones and is designed and manufactured by Pernille Vinderskov.

Vinderskov Design statement

In my work as a Jewelry Designer it inspires me to work with jewelry as an independent subject - an expression for pleasure that does not need to live up to any other functions, than for pure luxury and joy.

In my work I get my inspiration when traveling the world, where I experience new forms and shapes. I find and seek big inspiration in nature. As of the form of a branch or a flower - and the curves, shapes and structure of for instance a leaf.